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The catch of a lifetime

Headsox Crew duo Jonathan Jones and Alexis Caron Pageau from @the_endlessession had the catch of a lifetime earlier this week - a massive 1.6 metre Bigeye tuna - and perhaps the largest tuna ever caught on a fly fishing line; well done lads!

The duo had been running up and down the shallow flats in Fraser Island after a few failed marlin attempts when they spotted what they thought was a big marlin from a far. They were totally stoked to discover a big 1.6 metre tuna on the end of their fly fishing line in less than 2 metres of water. 2 hours later and after a good load of team work the massive fish was boated and the boys blessed the fish gods!  

Headsox provided the head and neck gear to the duo protecting the crew from the elements with UV protection of UPF+40 worn double layered.

A great example of backing yourself and going for it against the odds! Well done lads, it’s the mother load - what a great team effort!  

Headsox Crew > Love life Outdoors!

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