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Tube Face Mask

Tube Face Mask

Looking for a safe Face Mask alternative?
Try our new Headsox Flexible Tube Mask - a half size (length) version of our popular seamless tube headwear with the added benefit of a flexible tapped hem sealed at both ends of the tube. 
Headsox Flexible Tube Mask is reusable and approved by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services.
Headsox Flexible Tube Mask benefits:
• Superior fit snug over the nose, mouth and chin
• Light weight breathable fabric fully wraps the head and neck
• Easily converts from a neck scarf to a face mask, ready when you need it.
• Can be worn single layer or double layer for added protection indoors
• Reusable - Wash with hand sanitiser soap, rinse and dries quickly
Be well and stay safe. Love life outdoors!
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