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Brent Symes (Red Dog) chases his dream to paddle into the worlds biggest wave

Brent Symes (Red Dog) chases his dream to paddle into the worlds biggest wave

We recently saw the world's best BIG wave surfers take on the first epic swell of the season to hit Jaws surf break off Maui, Hawaii. The WSL's Peahi Challenge will go down in the history books as one to remember. Congratulations to Billy Kemper for winning Maui's Pe'ahi Challenge in Epic Conditions.

You're invited to join us as we follow Australian big-wave surfer Brent Symes (Red Dog) as he chases his dream to paddle into the world's biggest wave. 

After checking out Red Dog and seeing him effortlessly making some incredible late drops, pulling into monster barrels, we decided to contact Brent and asked the question: What are the chances of us getting an epic photo of you in a monster tube wearing Headsox - The Perfect Tube wet or dry?

Brent replied: I'm up for that! Yeeeeewww!

We are stoked to be apart of Brent’s journey and wish him well for the 2016 Winter season swells expected to hit the Hawaiian North Shore this winter. 

Stayed tuned for updates!

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