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COVID19 - is there a silver lining?

COVID19 - is there a silver lining?

Candace sticking her tongue out mountain biking

When we plan a year of outdoor adventures, the sky’s the limit! 

Well as we speak COVID has stripped that privilege from us and has caused much upset and pain throughout the world. Have we lost more than our holiday plans, but is there a silver lining?

While slow boring days are inevitable here are a few things a couple of Headsox crew have done to change their song and beat the COVID blues.

We Explored Closer To Home - The Warrumbungles.

Boy are we glad we found this magical range in the heart of NSW. Mountains don’t need to be monstrous with snow-covered peaks to be magnificent. This Australian beauty packed a mighty punch with its spiky summits, iconic forests and majestic shimmering night sky.

There may not have been snow, but we completely underestimated the freezing temperatures the inland of Australia was capable of… lucky we had a bag full of Headsox to keep us from frostbite!


Waiting for sunrise under the beautiful milky way sky


We Learnt A New Skill

Travel was out of the picture - thanks COVID - and Dylan injured himself mountain biking yet again…

This series of unfortunate events sparked an unknown passion for photography. 

With all the time in the world to concentrate on this new found love, Dylan has unmasked his hidden creative side, learning that taking photos is half the fun of the adventure. And much less painful.

Not to mention, coming home to a computer full of beautiful images capturing precious moments is priceless.



Finding New Hobbies

If we’ve got a spare second, we’re outdoors exploring. But hiking was merely a means to get to the adventure or summit.

This changed with our heightened attention to detail thanks to photography. We began slowing down to find the perfect shot and in turn, experienced the journey in its entirety.

Multi-day expeditions became the obvious choice for a new hobby. Allowing us to hike slow and venture deeper into the forests.

Without the worry of time, explorations could last all day. Though some weren’t always so keen…


Candace dragging Dylan up the mountain while hiking in the Warrumbungle National Park


Camping is Good JuJu

It’s mind-boggling how good it can feel to get away and immerse yourself in nature. It hits a massive reset button on our mood.

With nothing other than the sound of birds and the wind whispering in the trees, the sense of solace and calm is overwhelming.

Once that television is replaced with a cosy campfire, COVID can almost be forgotten for a while. And the best part? Camping doesn’t cost an arm and a leg or require us to travel far, winning!


We’re There For Each Other

Who’s guilty of making a million plans with friends that continuously fall through? We all are. Weekends are too busy going here or there. Time off from work is dedicated to overseas travel.

Now that we can only travel within our own state, that weekend trip with mates is achievable. Those morning surf hangs can resume while we’re all at home.

Keeping our friends close, even if it’s only to join in on the daily exercise allowance, has made a difficult time bearable. Everyone is struggling through this, we’re not alone. Friends and laughter is the best medicine.


Headsox Crew Candace and Dylan laughing on top of the Split Rock at the Warrumbungles


Thank you to all our supporters through these crazy times. Who would’ve thought our little business of Headsox could become so vital for COVID!? Orders are coming in at a rapid pace and we’re doing everything we can to get them to you as quick as is humanly possible.

We wish you all the peace and happiness in life.

> Headsox crew.

Love Life Outdoors!

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