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Walk on Country

Norm Jurrawaa Stanley

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This unique Bark painting represents a Cultural Education program Indigenous Artist Norm Jurrawaa Stanley has been facilitating for quite a few years.

The program is called “A Walk on Country” and is delivered to over 2500 children and families over 4 – 6 weeks each year at the You Yangs located at a beautiful culturally and spiritually significant part of Wadawurrung Country South Western Victoria.

The piece of Bark was collected from the You Yangs and the Ochre Norm used was also collected from our west coast. During the sessions, I crushed, mixed and used the Ochre to create the design based on our program. The children got to experience art and storytelling and how we can find what we need from nature.

The design features a river running through the middle which represents Little River. To come Join us in this program, everyone crosses this River. The first campfire represents the children and families together at home and the second represents the children, families and Kindergartens coming together on Country with us. The zig zag design on the sides represents the You Yangs.

All together, the painting represents the program “A Walk On Country”.

10% of your Headsox Walk on Country design purchase price goes directly to Norm and we reckon that's pretty cool!

We thank you for your purchase!
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