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Tali (Sand Dunes)

Tali (Sand dune) by Valerie Brumby

Tali refers to the red sand dunes that surround Uluru and Kata Tjuta. The fluid
lines tell the story of the land and shapes from the wind that are seen across
the plains. Tjanpi (spinifex) and green vegetation such as mangata (desert
quandong) grow here. This habitat is very fragile. In the mornings there are
networks of tracks on the sand dunes. Anangu use these markings in tali to
track animals. Generally, small mammals are found in the tali and many protect
themselves by burrowing into the sand. Itjaritjari, a marsupial mole that is very
rarely sighted, is likely to come to the surface after rain.

Valerie Brumby lives in Mutitjulu Community, near the base of Uluru with her family. Valerie is one of the core artists at Walkatjara Art, and is also a tour guide,
teaching visitors to the region about Anangu culture. Valerie is close to her
sister Christine, and enjoys painting the minyma kutjara tjukurpa - two sisters

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