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Kapi (Waterhole)

Kapi (Waterhole) by artist Beryl De Rose

There are many types of waterholes that Anangu can use and they depend on
their intimate knowledge of the environment to know where and when they will
find water. Sometimes a soakage will have dried up and the women must use
their digging sticks to find the water under the surface. They transport it back
to their families by carrying it in wooden bowls which are carried on their

Dots and lines are like the patterns of different desert vegetation types and
concentric circles linked by lines can represent waterholes and river courses or
the travelling and resting places of Creation Ancestors and Anangu.

Beryl De Rose is a talented Mutitjulu based artist, who has been painting with
Walkatjara Art for many years, depicting local Tjukurpa stories through her
beautiful, intricate artwork. Her precise dot work and colour palette is inspired
by the Central Australian landscape, and over the years she has developed her
style to a highly sought after level.

Beryl has been exhibiting since 2009, and in 2017 she was commissioned for
the Uluru, Tili Tjuta, Field of Lights Project. She has participated in Desert Mob
at the Araluen Art Centre for 4 consecutive years (2017 - 2020). In 2018, she
exhibited at Artsite Sydney for the group show Kunturu Kulini (Heart
Listening) communicating messages from the Uluru Statement.

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