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Headsox Flexible Tube Peak - Under the Southern Cross


Headsox Flexible Tube Peak has a premium 5mm rubber peak attached to one end of the tube. It's very comfortable to wear wet or dry and maintains it's snug shape when you're enjoying any outdoor activities. You can flip the peak back if you need to look up, and wear it reversed with the peak covering the back of your neck.

Our Headsox Flexible Tube Peak is perfect for long days outside hiking, rock climbing or at the beach swimming, surfing, windsurfing: When there is no shade it will provide you with up to +50 UPF...

We have combined this Headsox Peak with this inspiring artwork 'Under the Southern Cross' created by Australian First Nations Indigenous Artist Garry Purchase.

Under the Southern Cross

We live in a beautiful country.

From the ocean and beaches to the mountains, rivers and the red centre of the outback.

Yet we as Australians both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal can't seem to find a common ground to make things work and move forward. This is a common problem for First Nations people from all around the world.

Look up at the stars. The stars were there before us and they'll still be there long after we're gone. 
They are the same stars our ancestors would have gazed upon thousands of years ago and they are also the ones future generations thousands of years from now will see.

Looking at the night sky is all it takes to put what we were, are and ever will be into perspective. It highlights how insignificant and petty the separatist ideology of racial prejudice, segregation and class systems really are.

Localised thinking, not just here, but all over the world is our downfall. In the end none of that really matters. In the grand scheme of things we are ALL in it together on this lonely little planet as one race, the human race.

That is what needs to be realised. Enjoy the beauty of what we have, work together, don't take anything for granted and love each other.

© Garry Purchase 2016

10% of the purchase price of this Headsox design goes directly to the Artist.

Thank you for your support!

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