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Blow Holes of Kalbarri by Gaye Ogilvie

Talented artist Gaye Ogilvie spent her childhood on the coast at Kalbarri, on the north coast of Western Australia. This wonderful artwork called Blow Holes is her dreaming and connection to fond memories of going to this special place with her dad and siblings.

Gaye has recently spoken to 3 of her elders regarding information on the Blue Holes in Kalbarri.  They say the white man named the Blue Holes and that sadly they are all from the Stolen generation, including Gaye's dad. Back in those days they all were forbidden to speak their native language and speak of stories of dream time. They call this Nanda language a sleeping language and are working hard to revive it. 

10% of the purchase price of this Headsox design goes directly to the Artist.

Thank you for your support!

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