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Martumili when the chill kicks in…

Martumili when the chill kicks in…

Martumili Ngurra Headsox is hitting the slopes keeping us warm as we welcome the heavy down pour of fresh powder this afternoon in Hakuba Happo Japan (cold is an understatement - thankfully our Headsox are preventing face freeze).

Martumili Ngurra Headsox design is a collaborative work by Martumili artists Nora Wompi, Nora Nungabar and Bugai Whoyoulter. For the artists from the Far Western Desert painting is a social activity. People come together to paint and talk, tell stories and sing. The works created are unique in that they reflect the everyday life, culture and attitudes of the Martu people. Enjoy!

10% of your Headsox Martumili Ngurra design purchase price goes directly to the artists - Nora Wompi, Nora Nungabar and Bugai Whoyoulter - and we reckon that's pretty cool! 

Martumili Ngurra Headsox is a long way from country…

You can buy yours here:

#staywarm #staycool #staywarmlookingcool

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