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The Sea Shepherd & Headsox

In appreciation of their work and dedication to protecting our oceans and sea life we donated $3000 worth of Headsox to the Sea Shepherd crew... 

A box of our new Black yarn dyed, Camou Blue and Skulls Headsox were well received. Awesome!

The Sea Shepherd's "Steve Irwin" is currently docked in Melbourne over winter at Workshop Pier C/-Seaworks, 82 Nelson place Williamstown for a couple of more months, so do yourself a favour people get down there and show support! 

Check it out, it's an awesome experience to get on board the Steve Irwin and meet the crew...

They have some great stories to tell us and we could all do with more truthful information and education about what's happening to our earth's oceans!

We wish all the Sea Shepherd staff and crew safe passage and success in 2012 and beyond!

Love Life Outdoors!

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